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My second account

2007-07-17 17:57:02 by Wiesi-Mausland

Yo! This is my old account, if you´re interested in my other, newer account here on Newgrounds click here!
Lots of more games there!


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2007-08-28 21:15:13

If you can, put your old games from here onto your new one. I went to look for "Castle Cat", but it's not on there.


2007-09-24 09:36:36

i like your franks adventure games r u gonna make a sequel???


2007-09-28 18:52:02

Are you gonna make a Franks Adventure 5?


2008-01-11 20:11:00

dude have they made a franks adventure 5??


2008-05-21 04:00:48

hello!my name is's great!!enjoy playing!!!!repapips!!!!


2008-06-08 10:21:47

Why make a new account? I was looking for one of your games and thought you deleted it because I couldn't find it in your account. its just pointless


2009-01-26 12:04:50

why'dyoucreateanewaccountcanyougiveme theanswertoitplease.


2009-05-26 09:08:32

Your indiana jones game brings back memories lol.


2011-04-27 00:49:55

WTF MAUSLAND!!!!!!!!!!! HOW THE F*** DO U EXPECT SOMEONE TO BEAT THAT STUPID MONKEY ARCADE GAME!!!! UR ATTEMPT TO AMUSE SOMEONE IS A MEDIOCRE. Just thought i would let you know that this game is one of my favorites and you went ahead and made it impossible to beat!! Thanx ALOT!!!! BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-06-15 16:32:13

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2011-06-15 17:17:20

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2012-02-26 15:58:12

why couldn't you submit new stuff to this account